Living Life to the Fullest in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is pure fun. When it comes to this city, there is almost no place that can be a match. Especially when it comes to entertainment, Las Vegas is in a class of its own. This city has a wide variety of options for those who visit.

It creates the opportunity for all kinds of lifestyle to be lived to the fullest. In Las Vegas, you can go out anytime and not feel like you are the only one up late. Life in this city has no dull moments. Everything in it is bright and loud. As it is though, your first time arriving in the city might be as confusing as hell but that is just a mirage.

The city is the type you can easily master like the back of your hand. There are four main areas in Las Vegas: the north, the south, the east and the west. But then, the north might have its west and south and the west has its own east and north. Yeah, that is how confusing it might be. But then, here is a simple way of finding your way around. The Highway 15 is here the east and west of the city and it runs north and also south. So, anyone that lives east of the freeway lives on the east side of town while those in the west of the freeway are in the west part of Las Vegas

For all that are interested in residing here, a lot of consideration should be given to the southern part of the valley as this is the nicest place to live in. There is also the Silverado Ranch which is to the east and is nice too. For all those looking for elegance and sophistication, find a place to live in Seven Hills community that can be found right at the very edge of the place where the city of Las Vegas shares border with Henderson.  Summerlin is on the far west side of the said valley, somewhere on the north of Seven Hills. Itís a distance away but it boasts of a moderate commercial center, where one can do a little shopping and can also find a few restaurants offering different cuisines.

Then for exquisite living location in the city, there is a popular site - The Lake which is the only place where waterfront homes can be found in Las Vegas desert. The Lake is a well-planned community in Las Vegas and it is located in the east of Summerlin. It was created in the eighties around the unnatural lake Sahara. There are well over a few hundred families in The Lake. There are a few stretches of greenery for people that love outdoor life and a few parks for family picnics in the afternoons.

In a nutshell, Las Vegas is a great city to live in, but only for those who understand how to make the best out of their living around here.


LV Victoryís Hints:

Las Vegas is undoubtly the capital of poker. This is the reason why it usually hosts some of the major poker events in the world, including the utmost popular World Series of Poker (WSOP) - a series of tournaments taking place every year during the month of May and June, but with the final table of the main event, awarding million of dollars in prizes, usually held during the month of November. Tournament entry tickets are quite expensive, but many players, as last few years, come directly from much cheaper online poker qualifiers. The casino that hosts all WSOP competitions is the Rio hotel Casino, that with its shows and nightclubs invites players and spectators to leave all inhibitions at home.

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