The Best Hotels in Las Vegas

There are a number of high class hotels in Las Vegas. The ones on the famous Las Vegas strip are however the most popular. To mention a few of these, there are  The Luxor, The Bellagio, The Venetian, Caesars Palace, New York New York and Treasure Island. You can also find the Westin and Hilton Hotels on the same road.

The hotels on this strip are mostly used by wealthy people and even though the pricing is relatively higher considering the class that frequents this place, you can still find a hotel at lower rates if you visit during the off season, when there are not many people around.

In these hotels, you will be able to enjoy so much space and have an access to so many facilities that there is likely to be no jamming of humans. The outstanding events that are organized in any of these super casinos will make you to remember this place forever.

By the way if you are looking for something different here are 3 four star hotels where guests lodge in comfortably:

1-The Club De Soleil All-suite Resort:

This wonderful hotel is located only a short drive from the Las Vegas strip. It has spacious rooms and there are facilities that patrons can enjoy including outdoor swimming pools. It has studio rooms and one or two bedrooms. The guests in this hotel have access to all the fine food from the kitchen and laundry services are available. they have a playing area where you can try out table tennis not to mention their massage parlor.

2-The South Point Hotel Casino and Spa:

It can be found on twelve miles away from the strip. It has a cinema hall, a bowling alley and the casino gaming area. It also has a spa that caters for guests wellness. The casino has machines and game tables. The rooms have  flat screens and an iPod docking stations. You will be accprded twenty four hour room services too. Lunch can be gotten from the Del Mar Deli or Big Sur Oyster Bar. The Bali Golf Club is just five miles away from it.

3-The Desert Paradise Resort:

This equally captivating one is located two miles from the south end of the strip and just a few minutes from Freemont Street. It has spacious rooms and a twenty four hour pool services. There is internet connection in the rooms to help the visitors communicate easily. You can also work online from the comfort of these rooms. There is also a twenty hour fitness center and a helpful concierge with information on area attractions and shopping centers. There are furnished balconies for guests to relax at too.

Las Vegas has a lot of views that guests can enjoy and families with kids can make as memories. There is something about it that will always make visitors want to come back just to live the Las Vegas dream even if it is just for a week.



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