An All Year Chronology of Events in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, it is always party time for the residents and visitors alike. There are several events and holidays all year round that there is no dull moment whatsoever. Aside from the popular festivals and events there are also fairs, carnivals, all sorts of parades and even sporting events in the city.

Here is a list and a brief description of some of the monthly events and activities held in Las Vegas.

January Events:
Super Bowls High Rollers is one of the events that is held in the month of January. It involves amateur bowlers competing for one million dollars. It is always held at Showboat Hotel.

February Events:
The Mardi Gras is held on a Saturday evening just before Ash Wednesday. There is always large Cajun buffet and lots of ballroom dancing involved. The location is the Charleston Heights ARTS Center on Brush Street.

March Events:
There is the St. Patrick Day parade held in March seventeen in downtown Las Vegas. The celebration is Irish based and it has parades consisting of floats and green booze.

April Events:
April is the month of women with the City of Lights Women's Expo organized by Riviera Hotel & Casino! You may enjoy a festive atmosphere where ladies are the top priority with unique shopping, beauty tips, cool jewelry, women's accessories, health screenings and a weekend filled with fun.

May Events:
The Cinco de Mayo is on or close to the 5th of May. It is a day that is known for the celebration of Mexican victory against French forces. But may is for sure the month of poker with the World Series of Poker event where thousands of players from all over the world compete at Binionís Horseshoe Hotel.

June Events:
In June, there is the International Food Festival which is held at the Cashman Field Center. There is always choice cuisines form all over the world.

July Events:
The event for this month is the High Rollers day is a day set aside for amateur bowling. It is held at the Showboat Hotel.

August Events:
There are the Sundown Bluegrass Concerts which involve some of the best bluegrass music in the city. It is held at Jaycee Park.

September Events:
The Las Vegas Cup Hydroplane Race is an event that is held for two days in front of Boulder Beach in Lake Mead.

October Events:
There is always the spectacular Jaycee State Fair. This fair is held at the Cashman field in North Las Vegas. It is on for six days. There is food, exhibitions, jazz and Latin music for listeners.

November Events:
The Thanksgiving Senior High Roller day is held at the Showboat hotel. It is on for one week and attracts amateur bowlers from over fifty years old competing for five hundred thousand dollars.

December Events:
In this month there is the National Finals Rodeo which features the top fifteen rodeo performers in the region. It is held at the Thomas and Mack Sports Centre at Tropicana Avenue.

All year round, you will not miss something to witness in Las Vegas!




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